Fantastic Places is a multi-faceted website devoted mainly to tourism and architecture. Specifically, it involves trips taken by photographer / advertising designer Tom Palmer and features his photographs and comments from the road. Mr. Palmer hopes that visitors will find the Fantastic Places site a useful resource when it comes to planning a trip or acquiring photos for commercial purposes. You are cordially invited to click on the sections below and browse their contents at length.

Experience America through the eyes, lens and words of photgrapher Tom Palmer as he travels across the United States and Canada. Get a taste for places you have never been before. Or, see how familiar destinations have changed. A supurb guide for international visitors or domestic travelers wanting to explore new areas.

Want to see interesting destinations at a glance? Visit the Fantastic Places General Tourism page at Google Maps.

See what cities are made of. Look upon the modern skyscrapers and other significant buildings that form urban skylines in 41 states. If architecture is your business, your hobby, or in any way your passion, this reference collection is something you won't want to miss. Location scouts for movies and television, be sure to take note.

Want to see American architecture at a glance? Visit the Fantastic Places City Architecture page at Google Maps.

Most recently, Mr. Palmer has specialized in photographing houses for home builders, remodelers, realtors, and residence owners. This section displays a large collection of work samples, both exteriors and interior shots of every type of room. Also featured is a list of clients, and gallery of printed brochures Mr. Palmer's images have been used in.

If you are looking to start a remodeling or home decorating project, this section will give you plenty of source material to ponder. Should you require more, please investigate the Real Estate Photo Sampler Discs which contain over 8000 individual pictures.

Need to have a home photographed? Visit the Working with Mr. Palmer page. Trying to advertise a home for sale? Inspect the Real Estate Marketing Services area.

Digital cameraman Tom Palmer has compiled an enourmous bank of potential stock photos for editorial and advertising use. (Over 100,000 and growing.) Look over the provided samples and see if anything might lend itself to your situation.

Major categories include: Argriculture (equipment, fields, plants, grain elevators), Architecture (skyscrapers, churches, bridges, construction scenes), Vehicles (automotive, boats & ships, construction), Roads, Geography (landscapes, waterscapes), Weather, Surface Textures, Nature (trees, flowers, animals), Flags, People (recreation), Holidays, and Cemeteries.

Don't be afraid to contact Mr. Palmer if you are looking for a specific type of image. There are lots of other topics beside those just listed.

Select from an assortment of personal gifts designed by Tom Palmer. Items include fine art prints, journals, note cards, calendars and free computer desktop "wallpapers", that display images from the Fantastic Places collection. Also available is clothing that promotes major cities visited in this site.

View Tom Palmer's personal photography portfolio and get a feel for his work. Subjects include real estate / home exteriors & interiors, modern architecture / skyscrapers, construction, farming / agriculture, tourism / sightseeing landmarks, events, natural landscapes, flowers, animal wildlife, weather and vehicles for land, sea & air.

Please e-mail Mr. Palmer if you need photographs of this nature taken, or would like to license existing images for publication.

Find out how Tom's camera can help you and your organization. Mr. Palmer's photographic services are well-suited to architects, home builders, construction companies, interior designers, landscapers, real estate agents, hotels, retail businesses, advertising agencies, publishers, news organizations, travel bureaus, universities, museums and personal property owners.

Learn about Mr. Palmer and his career as a photographer, graphic designer and advertising art director. Samples included.

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